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25 October, 2007

Do you often do … ?

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Kas sa … tihti … ?

  • Do you often drink wine ? = Kas sa tihti jood veini ?

Events: specific vs cyclical

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If one wants to mention something that will happen by incident, like “Tomorrow I am not going to the meeting” the verb “lähe” should be used. On the other hand, if one refers to something that occurs in a constant basis, like “I go to a restaurant every friday”, the verb “käin” must be used.

Also important, one must keep in mind that the place/entity to which we refer will be handled differently. So the rules are the following ones:

  • lahë (to go) – one expresses the idea of going somewhere (to where – kuhu). Endings are -sse, -le plus some exceptions
  • käin (no exact translation) – one expresses the idea of being somewhere (where – kus). Endings are -s and -l


  • Tomorrow I am not going to the meeting = Homme ma ei lahë koosolekule
  • This sunday I am going to Saaremaa to someone’s place = Sel laupäeval ma lähen Saaramaale külla
  • Every friday I go to a bar or a restaurant = Reedeti me käime baaris või restoranis (note for reedeti instead of redeel: when referring cyclical events, the temporal names are different)
  • Every thursday and tuesday, he/she goes to training = Neljapäeviti ja teisipäeviti ta käib trennis.


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  • black = must
  • blue = sinine
  • brown = prun
  • green = roheline
  • pink = roos
  • purple = lilla
  • red = punane
  • white = valge
  • yellow = kollane

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